2 Week, Referral Madness

There are only a few weeks left in the month of October, I know right – how quickly does it go by. We can’t believe we are getting closer to Christmas let alone the end of 2018.

So for the last few weeks that are remaining in October, Redgum have decided to offer our existing Clients a Special Deal – This deal is ONLY available to our existing active Clients who are currently receiving either the Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly cleaning services.

What is the Deal called?

2 Week, Referral Madness 2

We are going to call it – Refer a Friend, Receive 10% Off!


So what’s the Deal?

Well, if you refer a friend to Redgum Cleaning Company and they purchase any one of our many services, you will receive 10% OFF your cleaning fees.


If your friend does takes up one of our Service’s, they will receive a 15% Discount OFF their cleaning fee, and you will receive 10% off your cleaning fee, that’s is a MASSIVE 25% Discount Mike! Yep, we think he has finally lost his mind.

But WAIT! ……….. Yes he’s got MORE.

If your friend takes up either a Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly Service, YOU will receive your 10% X a possible 4 times – what does this mean? If your friend takes up a Weekly clean, for each week they complete you will receive a 10% discount off your cleaning fees, this is capped at 4 weeks per referral or 2 weeks for a Fortnightly clean or 1 payment period for a monthly clean.

REDGUM! OMG!, That is a HUGE 40% OFF per referral if they purchase a Weekly clean! – Yep like we said, Mike has finally lost it.

How does it Work? (in a nutshell)

  1. Refer a Friend/s
  2. Friend decides what Service to purchase, they make a booking. – They need to tell us that YOU referred them or you will not be rewarded.
  3. You earn your 10% discount

The Rules of the Game

The rules are as follows :

  1. Only existing Redgum Clients may participate
  2. Your Friend MUST tell us who referred them upon time of booking their first clean to receive your discount
  3. All Redgum Services will attract rewards
  4. To receive recurring rewards, your Friend must purchase – Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly Services*
  5. Rewards are delivered each invoice period – rewards are itemised on invoice
  6. Recurring rewards are capped per referral as follows – Weekly Cleans = 10% X 4 or 40%, Fortnightly Cleans = 10% X 2 or 20%, Monthly =10% X 1 or 10%
  7. Referral deal will ONLY operate until the end of October 31st at Midnight.

* Friend must purchase a weekly, fortnightly or monthly service and must also continue to use that service for you to be eligible for ongoing rewards.

Good Luck, and thank you for being a Client of the Redgum Cleaning Company.