A Helping Hand for Young Family

Redgum does it again - On Time & On Budget

Hello & Welcome to yet another blog post by Redgum, today we are going to talk about one of our latest jobs. This one was for a young family who were busting at the seems to move, their small family was getting too big for this little tiny home.

A few days earlier we had received a call from a lady who was trying to organise her Niece and who needing a professional cleaning company to go out and get the job done. We explained to this lady how we work with a number of Real Estates across the Central Coast and we have become the specialist when it comes to End of Lease Cleans.

I think this was the feature that impressed her as she eventually made a booking with us to do the work after approving our quote. Obviously we were also priced right as we always are.

The home was a 3 bedroom 1 bathroom, the walls were fully sugar soaped and the oven cleaned along with all the normal stuff we do. Well, how about we just show you the before and afters and shut up. Good idea right?

Here they are:

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We must apologise for the lack of after shots for this clean, Mike was a little busy and forgot to take equal amount of shots. I think we will need to organise a person to take over the responsibility of taking photographs - but just don't tell Mike we are going to do this or he will get upset.

If you would like Mike and the Team to work there magic on your home please don't hesitate to contact us or take 5 minutes and Get a Quote today.