Redgum Cleaning Company - Mike Willson

Redgum Cleaning Company is a small family owned business operated by Central Coast local Mike Willson.

As a company we have some big ambitions, but we are small enough to offer a personal service and attention to detail that our larger competitors often miss. Mike established the business in late 2017 with the view to offer an alternative cleaning service to people who require clean properties without the use of harsh chemicals that damage surfaces and leave residue that attracts dust.

Mike is a Central Coast local who has spent many years surfing the best beaches in the pristine waters that we find on the Central Coast. His goal is to be known as the Number 1 Cleaning Company on the Coast – When you think clean, Mike wants you to think Redgum.

Redgum Cleaning Company offers clients a very wide range of services that cover both Residential & Commercial markets, so give us a call today to speak with Mike to discuss your needs – Phone Mike on 0409 481 597.



Redgum Cleaning Company


  • Every time we do business with you, we approach it like it’s the first time.
  • We’re insured so you’re always safe!
  • All of our people are hand-picked to be “fun, outgoing, and friendly” and they all pass a comprehensive vetting process.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – If you’re not happy, contact us within 24 hours and we’ll come back and fix it. Still not happy? We’ll refund you completely.
  • We are honest. It’s that simple. The price quoted is our final price.
  • You can reach us almost anytime and get a response super quick.
  • We always use professional people to get your house clean efficiently and with the highest quality.
  • As a hobby – we are viral bloggers, providing great articles and tips on how to make your house cleaner more efficiently! Check us out!


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