Check out the New Redgum Store! 1
Check out the New Redgum Store!

Friday, 8th July 2022

Breaking News! – Redgum offering SpotGo Premium cleaning products!


Check out the New Redgum Store!

Redgum today releases access to our new online store offering premium cleaning products from our Partners at SpotGo – a local Central Coast manufacturer.

You can purchase the very same cleaning products we use on a daily basis – so you can maintain that brilliant fragrance in between visits. If you’re not a current Redgum Client but would still like to try these premium cleaning products, then you can, you do not need to be a client, you will need to open an account to purchase.

For the short-term we can only offer delivery within the Central Coast region – we hope to expand this at a later stage.

So what are you waiting for – go check it out by clicking here


Suspension of Air B & B Services 2
Suspension of Air B & B Services

Suspension of Air B & B Services

Redgum Cleaning will be temporarily Suspending our services for Air B&B

Wednesday, April 27 2022

unfortunately we have reached our capacity in taking on extra Clients who are wanting or seeking cleaning services for Air B&B’s. From 27th of April (Today) we will cease offering these services until a later stage to be announced.

Existing Clients who are receiving our Air B&B cleaning services will need not worry about this notice as it will not effect you, this notice is only for New Clients who are seeking these services.

We do apoligise for any incovienance this may bring to new Clients wanting our services.

Finding Great Workers, Harder Than It Sounds 3
Finding Great Workers, Harder Than It Sounds

Finding Great Workers, Harder Than It Sounds!

Being a Small Business owner has it’s advantages, but at the same time it has it’s many disadvantages. One of these I have been having experience with lately is that of trying to find good workers who WANT to work.

Ever since the COVID-19 debarkle, I have been finding it so hard to find people who have a good head on their shoulders, and who want to work. Now, I know I’m not the only small business to be experiencing this, everytime I walk through the local shopping centres I see signs everywhere asking for people to work.

What the hell is wrong with Australia, and Australians in particular.  Job Keeper, and it’s close cousin Job Seeker have done nothing but damage the economy. Maybe that was the whole point of the exercise,  the make it as difficult it possble for businesses within the economy to survive, it seems it’s like the Hunger Games and the survival of the fittest.

Finding Great Workers, is harder than it sounds, no longer is receiving a good pay check worth anything to people – they would rather hold their hands out to receive from the Government, the same Government that will one day turn their backs on them while the Banks increase their hold by lifting rates. Then all these people who have passed up on good jobs will no longer have anywhere to turn because all the small businesses would have gone out of business.


Anyway, that’s my rant for today..

Stay Clean.

Value of Cleaners 4
Value of Cleaners

What is the value of your Cleaner?

Value of your cleaner?

Have you ever really thought about the true value your cleaner or cleaners deliver to you and your Family?

According to an article in the Guardian - "Hospital cleaners are worth more to society than City bankers" to which i would actually agree with. Bankers after all are mostly responsible for almost every War we have seen on this Planet, so don't get me started on the value of a Banker! Cleaner's on the other hand are more often than not the forgotten bunch, the ones who everyone over looks or even worst - looks down upon.

At the beginning of 2020, the globe just seen how important cleaners are with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, with entire buildings needing to be cleaned by highly professional teams of cleaners. I bet everyone who was in an effected area were glad to see the cleaners now right.

2020 proved to everyone that cleaning jobs are just as important as many other jobs and do come with many benefits. They can be more flexible to work around your everyday life and working in that field can be very diverse. From domestic, industrial to public settings. Quite often there will be a lot of cleaning jobs available in various industries.

If you’re looking for a cleaning job, check out our Job's board. Alternatively, if you want to learn the skills to become a cleaner, enrol in the Certificate 3 in Cleaning Operations today!

Another way to look at how much value your Cleaner delivers, is in the amount of time you save by not having to spend your free time doing the cleaning, what is the value of that saving? Could you place a price of that saving of time?  We bet you could.

Getting the best bang for your buck

How do I get the best value from a Cleaner?

That's a great question, and probably one of those questions asked by all those who hire a cleaner to clean their houses. The best way we can answer this is, how much do you still need to do after your cleaner has just cleaned?

  • Are you finding that they don't pick things up to dust underneath? Redgum does this as standard (Unless excess cluter is present).
  • Are you still fixing up stuff that they miss? Redgum systematic processes eleminate this issue.
  • Are you able to customise your clean? Redgum offers this feature as standard (some "extra" items to attract increase in fee's).
  • Are you getting the same cleaner every time? Redgum only sends the same person or people to the one client.

You get what you pay for

Unfortunately this is true when it comes to hiring a cleaner or cleaning company to complete your cleaning. Redgum is not the cheapest cleaning company you could hire, however we are probably the only ones or at least a member of a very limited group of cleaning organisations that take quality and high workmanship very seriously.

Experience the Redgum difference

Ok so are you ready to experience the Redgum difference?

If you are, then please contact us immediately to see if there is availability.

Just a word of warning - We are currently very busy, and some area's do have lengthy waiting lists.


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Services On Your Schedule

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