Awesome Results Tile & Grout Cleaning

Awesome Results Tile & Grout Cleaning

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Another Tile & Grout Cleaning Job Completed

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Well Today, William & Mike visited Berkeley Vale on the New South Wales Central Coast to complete a Tile & Grout cleaning job. The tiles had seen many days of being trod on by many feet, maybe some little dirty than others.

It doesn't take much for tiles to have built-up grime and dirt get stuck in the fine cracks, over time this fine dirt and dust will build up to make the tile lose it's original shine and look somewhat old and tired. This is what has happen to the tiles we seen today, this Client is a regular Client of Redgum's however we've never given these tiles a treatment until today.

Below are the before picture's of the tiles, as you will see - the tiles were in pretty good shape overall, they just had discolouring from built up dust and dirt which was rubbed onto the tiles by stools that Client had once been using.

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The Results Really do Speak for Themselves

With a little bit of Redgum Tile Cleaner, and some hard yakka with a scrubbing brush, we were able to get the Tiles looking kinda white again. The dirt and grime was lifted, the oil was removed and a nice shine was the result.

Check out the Results below.

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