End of Lease Cleaning
End of Lease, Move-Out, Pre-Move In Cleans

Looking for a Professional End of Lease Cleaner?

End of Lease, Move-Out, Pre-Move In Cleans

The Redgum “End of Lease/Bond” Cleaning Services are for those Clients who have just moved out of their premises and need us to assist them in cleaning the property so that they are able to recover the Bond surety deposit that is held by the Real Estate Agency.Redgum Cleaning Company

We are highly recommended by most Central Coast Agents and Property Managers as being "Efficient, and highly professional to deal with". There are no jobs too big or small for us at Redgum Cleaning - why deal with the stress when you can have certainty that the job will be done to the Property Managers expectations - which result in you gaining your entire Rental Bond back in full.

Efficient, and highly professional to deal with

 Peace of mind for Tenants

We utilise the Real Estate Institute approved cleaning checklist, as well as being knowledgeable in the RESIDENTIAL TENANCIES ACT 2010 which Governs how property managers and agents interact with their Tenants. This gives you peace of mind when it comes to knowing that Redgum Cleaning have the experience, knowledge and expertise to get the job done right the first time to the standards that your property managers expect.


Some Examples of Our Work

Below are a few before and after pictures from different cleans we have completed in the past. We also have many blog posts you can read and view the pictures - some notable highlighted ones are as follows;

Great Results, End of Lease Completed

Great Results for Another End of Lease Clean

Another Home Redgummed


Before Picture of the Oven
After Picture of the Oven
Ceiling Before Picture
Ceiling After Picture
Bathroom Before Picture
Bathroom After Picture

Whats Included in a Redgum End of Lease Clean?

  • Sinks / Taps/ Disposal units – Clean, remove stains and polish
  • Glass Splash-backs – Wiped and Cleaned Thoroughly
  • Sinks / Taps/ Disposal unit – Clean & Remove any built up stains
  • Stovetops and Grill – Degreased and Cleaned of Built up Grime and Oil
  • Ovens – Interior and Exterior Clean and Degrease and Clean
  • Range hood and Exhaust Fans – Degreased and cleaned Unit and Filters
  • Doors / Walls/Skirting – Dust, spot clean and Remove Grease and Oil – Complete wall washing is an additional cost. (excessive cleaning will be charged at an hourly rate)*
  • Bench tops / drawers / shelving – Cleaned inside and outside
  • Dishwasher – Clean filters and Unit
  • Fan / Light Fittings – Wiped, Dusted and Cleaned
  • Windows – Wiped and Cleaned
  • Floors – Vacuumed and Mopped
  • Light Switches – Dust and Wiped, Remove Stains
  • Doors / Walls / Skirting – Dust, spot clean and Remove Grease, Marks and Smudges – Complete wall washing is an additional cost. (excessive cleaning will be charged at an hourly rate)*
  • Blinds – Dusted and Wiped Clean to Remove Dirt and Dust. Please note blinds require additional time cleaning which is attracts additional charges.
  • Fan / Light Fittings – Wiped, Dusted and Cleaned.
  • Windows – Wipe and Clean Windows, Sills and tracks.
  • Floors – Vacuumed and Mopped.
  • Carpets – Carpeted areas will be cleaned by a carpet cleaner.
  • Light Switches – Dust and Wiped, Remove Stains.
  • Staircases – Vacuumed, Mopped, Swept.
  • Doors / Skirting – Dusted to remove all Grease, Marks and Smudges.
  • Walls – Basic spot cleaning only. (excessive cleaning will be charged at an hourly rate)*
  • Fans / Light Fittings – Wiped, Dusted and Cleaned.
  • Windows – Wipe and Clean Sills and tracks.
  • Floors – Swept, Vacuumed and Mopped.
  • Carpets – Carpet Steam Cleaned.
  • Light Switches – Dust and Wiped to Remove Stains and marks.
  • Basins / Taps / Plugs – Vanity / Plug Holes – Wiped, cleaned and polished.
  • Shelves / Cupboards / Draws – Wiped and Cleaned with Cloth.
  • Towel Rails – Dusted and Wiped.
  • Mirrors / Cabinets – Cleaned and polished.
  • Shower – Shower screens washed and cleaned then sills and tiles scrubbed and cleaned.
  • Bath – Washed and plug holes cleaned.
  • Toilet – Toilet bowl and seat disinfected and thoroughly cleaned inside and outside.
  • Doors / Skirting – Remove Grease, Marks and Smudges.
  • Walls – Basic spot cleaning only. (excessive cleaning will be charged at an hourly rate)*
  • Blinds and Curtains – Dusted and Wiped Clean. Please note some blinds require additional time cleaning which is charged separately.
  • Fans / Light Fittings – Wiped, Dusted and Cleaned.
  • Windows – Wipe and Clean Windows, Sills and tracks.
  • Tiled Floor Areas – Vacuumed, Cleaned and Mopped.
  • Light Switches – Spray and wipe to Remove Stains.
  • Doors / Skirting – Remove Grease, Marks, Smudges and Cobwebs.
  • Walls – Basic spot cleaning only. (excessive cleaning will be charged at an hourly rate)*
  • Fans / Light Fittings – Wiped, Dusted and Cleaned.
  • Windows (Internal) – Wipe and Clean Windows, Sills and tracks.
  • Floor Areas (Hard Surface) – Vacuumed, Cleaned and Mopped.
  • Carpets – Carpet Steam Cleaning will be done by carpet cleaners at an additional cost.
  • Light Switches – Wiped to Remove Stains.
  • Air Conditioners – Cleaned inside and out including Filters.
  • Power Points / Switches – Wiped and Cleaned.
  • Balcony, Decking, Patio or Courtyard
  • Outdoor floors including Tiles – Washed, Swept and Mopped
  • Roof and Ceiling – Cleaned to Remove Cobwebs and Dust
  • Garages

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    End of Lease Cleaning
    Tile cleaning
    Awesome Results Tile & Grout Cleaning

    Awesome Results Tile & Grout Cleaning

    Tiles Looking Old & Tired?

    Get a Quote on your Tile & Grout Cleaning Today

    Another Tile & Grout Cleaning Job Completed

    Tile & Grout Cleaning

    Well Today, William & Mike visited Berkeley Vale on the New South Wales Central Coast to complete a Tile & Grout cleaning job. The tiles had seen many days of being trod on by many feet, maybe some little dirty than others.

    It doesn't take much for tiles to have built-up grime and dirt get stuck in the fine cracks, over time this fine dirt and dust will build up to make the tile lose it's original shine and look somewhat old and tired. This is what has happen to the tiles we seen today, this Client is a regular Client of Redgum's however we've never given these tiles a treatment until today.

    Below are the before picture's of the tiles, as you will see - the tiles were in pretty good shape overall, they just had discolouring from built up dust and dirt which was rubbed onto the tiles by stools that Client had once been using.

    Just remember when clicking on the pictures, just hit the back button in your browser or on your phone.

    The Results Really do Speak for Themselves

    With a little bit of Redgum Tile Cleaner, and some hard yakka with a scrubbing brush, we were able to get the Tiles looking kinda white again. The dirt and grime was lifted, the oil was removed and a nice shine was the result.

    Check out the Results below.

    We can Clean most Tiles
    Quick turn-around & completion
    Servicing the Central Coast

    How Are Your Tiles Looking?

    Now that you've seen the quality and results we can produce, how are your Tiles looking?

    Do they require a bit of TLC?

    Why don't you make an obligation free appointment, and we will come out to your home and see if our Tile Treatment will give you the results that your seeking.

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    Windows So Clean, You'll Think They're Open 11
    Windows So Clean, You’ll Think They’re Open

    Windows So Clean, You'll Think They're Open

    The benefits of having clean windows can not be under-estimated, and today we are going to go over the reasons why.

    Cleaning your windows properly has far-reaching benefits to you and your home. Did you know that there's also an energy-saving benefit to having clean windows? This is because the cleaner your window glass, the more sun will shine in through your windows. The more sun shining through your windows, the more solar energy comes into your home.

    Solar energy is free and doesn't harm the environment, and it will warm your home: a far-reaching money saving benefit! With that in mind, make sure you follow the tips below to help you achieve the cleanest windows on the block. If you don't feel like getting wet or dripped on, or don't have the extra time, then consider hiring a professional window cleaner to do the job for you.

    Paying by the pane of glass

    Window cleaning generally is priced by the number of panes of glass. An ordinary double-hung window consists of two panes.

    The typical window washing cost runs from $2 to $15 per pane, according to Industry standards. Alternatively, some companies charge an hourly rate. Some of our Clients have told us they are paying an average of $466 for a full house window cleaning, which may include screens and doors, but that really comes down to the Company and the services they provide.

    For best results, it’s generally a good idea to have your windows cleaned twice every year. However, a number of factors, including whether many windows face the ocean, or your house is exposed to frequent storms, can affect how often your windows will require cleaning.

    Figuring out the cost of window cleaning

    Although window cleaning may seem like a relatively straightforward job, there are many variables that can affect the final cost:

    1. How dirty is the glass? Dirtier windows generally require more tools and equipment, not to mention time.
    2. Number of windows — The more that need washing, the more you can expect to pay. (The average house today has a minimum of 40 windows)
    3. Ease of access — Ladders, special tools and extra time may be required to clean some hard-to-reach windows.
    4. Inside, outside or both?

    Selecting interior-only or exterior-only service may save you a little money today, but like most things, when you opt for the budget option pricing, you pay more in the long run. If you think you'll eventually want both sides cleaned, it's best to get them done at the same time.

    There can be extra charges for:

    1. Screen cleaning, which may start at 50 cents and can cost as much as $5 each, and sliding glass doors, which can cost anywhere from $2.50 to $8 per door.
    2. Cleaning windowsills and tracks; the cost can range from $1.00 to $5, depending on the company.
    3. Paint or stain removal, can cost from $3.50 to $8.00 for a window of average size.
    4. Mineral deposit removal can cost up to $30 extra per pane if it's not included in the company's price.
    5. Going up in stories: The cost of window cleaning on the first and second floors of a home or building is generally the same, but additional floors can cost up to $3 to $10 more for every window.

    As you can see from the above examples, getting your Windows clean can be a costly exercise. But choosing the wrong company to perform the work will end up be a more costly mistake.

    Get 3 Windows Clean for Free

    For the month of April & May, we are offering a Special deal on our Window Cleaning Services - Book your Window clean in for the months of April or May and get 3 Windows cleaned for FREE!

    Offer must be used in conjunction with full Window Cleaning services.

    Book your Window Clean Now or Contact us for further information or to obtain a quote.

    Great Results End of Lease Clean Completed 12
    Great Results End of Lease Clean Completed

    Great Results, End of Lease Clean Completed

    Well we had a fantastic Sunday at Redgum Cleaning. Mike & William had the privilege of doing another End of Lease Clean for a Client who is moving to good old sunny Queensland. We were also presented with totally awesome weather, with the rain going away and us having a beautiful 27 degree day - perfect temperature to be cleaning.

    Anyway, I don't want to keep on waffling on, so lets just get to the point of this post!

    The Before & After photo's that we know you enjoy looking at.

    Are you Moving House? Do you Need a Quality Cleaning Company to look after the Cleaning? Get a Quote Today!

    Book your End of Lease Clean Today - Let Us take the Hard-work out of Moving

    The Visible Proof of Redgum Quality

    We really do take great pride in the work we perform on a daily basis. We think it can be seen in the results we are able to achieve in such a short amount of time. The usual turn around for a End of Lease clean is between 4 to 5 hours.

    Below are the before pictures of this End of Lease clean.....

    Get to know What's Included

    Do you want to know more about our End of Lease Cleans?

    The Importance of Hiring Professionals

    Moving house is a huge task for anyone, especially so when you are a family with children. This is why it is important to hire the professionals who will take away the stress of at least part of this process by making sure everything in the house is clean to the Real Estate standards. This is where Redgum Cleaning Company excel in.

    As, you can see from the Before Pictures, that this home wasn't too dirty, just your usual dust accumulation on architraves, skirtings and of course the fans. At Redgum Cleaning, we make sure that the entire house is as clean as possible, we know we can't return everything back to the original condition, especially if it hasn't been maintained well, or if the house itself is a older style house but we certainly will make sure that it is of high standards.

    For example, this is the results of just the Range-hood.

    Great Results End of Lease Clean Completed 35
    Range-hood before

    Great Results End of Lease Clean Completed 36

    Range-hood after

    Call the Professionals on your Next Move.

    Well, we hope you found that interesting and had a little enjoyment at looking at our work, and the final quality of what our Clients receive on a Daily basis.

    If you are interested in having your home cleaned, please don't hesitate to get in contact with either Mike or William, we provide Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly services as well as a wide range of boutique services that are highly customised to fit your Families needs.

    If you want to read more about what's included in a Redgum End of Lease Clean, please click here, to go to this information.

    (02) 8006 1356 or use our online form to get in contact with us.

    COVID-19 Update & News 63
    COVID-19 Update & News

    Update on the COVID-19 Virus

    The Australian Federal & State Governments have brought in Legislation in regards to the closure of Businesses in Australia particularly in New South Wales (see link. https://preview.nsw.gov.au/covid-19/businesses-and-employees).

    What does this mean for Redgum Cleaning?

    The new Legislation has no immediate effect on our operations – we have had some individual Families cancel their Services for a temporary period while we continue through this difficult situation.

    All Services and cleaning schedules will remain as per normal, until we receive further information from Government.

    What should I do if someone in my Family is sick?

    You will need to call (02) 8006 1356 and inform us that you are unwell, if you have COVID-19 we will need to cease your Services for a short period of time until you have received a authorized clearance from your local GP.

    Do we need to leave the house or property?

    No, not unless you feel you want to – we are more than happy to clean while your home. However, if you are unwell we would ask that you sit outside or in a room (weather permitted) while we clean.

    What happens if more closure are ordered?

    We feel that our Industry will be one of the last that will need to close, the nature of our Business makes us in the essential business category so we should be fine. If this changes, we will inform all our Clients of any closures.

    Thank you and Stay Safe

    The Redgum Team