Top 8 Things NOT to do, When Cleaning your Home 1
Top 8 Things NOT to do, When Cleaning your Home

Top 8 Things NOT to do, When Cleaning your Home

So you've just finished cleaning your house - and BAM! There's dust all over the area's you just cleaned. This happens to countless people around Australia, and today we are going to discuss the Top 8 Things NOT to do, When Cleaning your Home.

Below are 8 basic things you can do to prevent dust build-up, to help stop windows getting dirty and a few other tips that you may find interesting or even useful to utilise in your own house.



Using dish soap on your cutting boards.

Top 8 Things NOT to do, When Cleaning your Home 2When it comes to cleaning wooden chopping blocks, soap and warm water doesn't always cut it. After using one to slice 'n dice raw meat or poultry, soak it in a diluted bleach solution to prevent cross-contamination when prepping your next meal. Another way to neutralise odors and germs is to use lemon to rub onto the board.

Neglecting your biggest touch points.

Shiny taps are awesomeTaps, handles, and door knobs are some of the most-touched areas in your home, which is why they're also the germiest. Take to 'em with a disinfectant wipe daily to keep germs at bay.

Spraying furniture with polish.

Top 8 Things NOT to do, When Cleaning your Home 3When you spray furniture directly, it creates build-up that's tough to remove and attracts even more dust. To avoid this, spray your cleaning cloth with the cleaner, then rub the cloth on dusty surfaces, this will assist in keeping the dust on the cloth instead of just spreading it around.

Using the same rag everywhere.

Top 8 Things NOT to do, When Cleaning your Home 4You got streaky surfaces? You might be over-using your cleaning cloth and spreading germs while you're at it. Even if your cleaning cloth doesn't look old, it should be washed after each use since it's used on high-traffic areas.

Using a feather duster. Period.

Top 8 Things NOT to do, When Cleaning your Home 5We'll give you a thumbs up for dusting, but a big thumbs down for using a tool that only spreads dust from one surface to another. Use a microfiber cloth instead, which will grab — and hold onto — particles. Make sure it is dry, and wet cloth will make the job harder.

Not dusting your windows.

Top 8 Things NOT to do, When Cleaning your Home 6Before washing them, that is. If you forget to tackle the dust on your sills, any liquid that drips onto the frame will become a muddy mess of dusty liquid. A vacuum or microfiber cloth will tackle the mess quickly ending with a nice finish.

Forgetting your garbage can.

Top 8 Things NOT to do, When Cleaning your Home 7If you notice an unpleasant smell in your kitchen, it might be an indicator that you haven't clean your garbage can in awhile. Wipe it down once a week with a cleaner containing bleach to keep nasty smells under control.

Using dirty sponges.

Top 8 Things NOT to do, When Cleaning your Home 8These cleaning sponges won't, be that helpful if you don't sanitise them every few days (and replace them every 3 - 4 weeks). To maintain your sponge and keep it clean, soak your sponge in boiling HOT! water only, do not add anything to the water. Allow to soak for 10 minutes, then repeat the process twice more. Once completed, put on window sill in the sun to dry. Placing a wet sponge in a dark area will only attract bacteria to grow.

Great Result for Another End of Lease Clean 9
Great Result for Another End of Lease Clean

Another End of Lease Clean with Awesome Results!

We've had another GREAT result for the latest End of Lease clean.

Well hello again, we have had another awesome few weeks here at Redgum Cleaning, which has seen many new Clients join our Family and we are getting ready to find a New Team member soon, but that's not why I'm here to talk about.

Today (12th Feb) we had the privilege to assist a young lady who had one of those moments in life that we have all encountered, she was in the process of moving and we all know how much of a pain in the ass that can be – but she found herself running out of time and available help. Apparently she was abandoned by her helpers at the last minute - Step in Redgum Cleaning to take care of the problem, because this is what we do.


We were first contacted & booked to do the End of Lease clean on the Monday (10th Feb) however if you’re in Australia you would know that Monday was the day that the clouds let loose and gave us our long awaited rain-fall – and my god did we get a dumping of rain. We saw almost 200 plus mm in the area we are living in and luckily we are located on a small hill!

Entire area’s are currently under water, and this is only 4 weeks after having half the country on Fire!

Anyway, back to our Client who was in a pickle – after rearranging many appointments and waiting for the rain to stop, we were finally allowed by Mother Nature to attend our End of Lease clean.

It was a bit more dirtier than I was expecting, I have seen some messy homes as I turn up – which is totally natural considering people are moving, however this Client was still in the process of removing items, which is nothing new for me – I have seen this many times and it’s a great indicator that the person is under a fair bit of pressure.

So sit back and view our magic!

The first collection are the before shots, and the second the after shots.

Hire The Greatest Weapon in your Cleaning Arsenal

Remember, only the Number 1 Cleaning Company can get you out of any pickle you may find yourself in. So give us a call on your next move – 0409 481 497

Or, just hit the "Make a Booking" or "Get a Quote" buttons on the tops of our website.

What Did We Do Today - An Awesome Spring Clean 60
What Did We Do Today – An Awesome Spring Clean

What Did We Do Today – An Awesome Spring Clean

Today we had the opportunity to do a mini Spring Clean for a dear Client who is moving. We were asked if we could clean and prepare the house for relatives to take over residence, obviously we had no issue in doing so.

Because of privacy reason’s we can’t post any before and after’s of the work we completed. However we were able to capture some video footage that we are able to share. This is a short 10 minute video (speed-up) that showcases the detail, and quality of work Redgum Cleaning provides to all our Clients.

Also, don’t forget that you can find us on the Social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram. Please give our pages a Like, or a Follow, we are determined to share way more content in 2020.



2020 is here, Happy New Year! Welcome to a brand new decade. In this blog post I’m going to discuss why the clean, before the clean is a waste of your time and money.The Clean before the Clean

You’ve started implementing your new goals and one of them is to free up some of your time by hiring a professional cleaner to come into your home to assist with keeping the house clean and tidy.


The Clean before the CleanSo it finally arrives, the day that your new cleaner is due to arrive to start cleaning your home. However you’ve been up an hour earlier than usual just so you could tidy up the house before your new cleaner gets there.

You have been running around like crazy trying to pick up all the kids clothing and toys that have been scattered throughout the house, in the process you realize that your Husband needs to learn how to take his dirty socks and underwear to the wash basket as most of the clothes are his.

The orders of “GET OUT OF BED ALREADY” – “The Cleaner will be here shortly”! echo throughout the home, OMG you think to yourself, this was supposed to be a lot easier, I’ve still got the kitchen to get tidy – Husband and Kids to be dressed and ready to leave,  and they will be here soon – look at this place it looks like a bomb hit it!

KNOCK KNOCK! Good morning it’s Redgum Cleaning

 Oh My God, You’re here already!

Does this sound like someone you know?

Is this something you do?

Let me go through the reasons why you don’t need to worry about the clean before the clean. Someone in your household made the decision to hire a cleaner to help assist your Family with keeping your home clean and tidy.

You’ve probably done this for a multitude of reasons, one of them being to free up some of your time to be better spent elsewhere. Or it may be because you simply don’t like to do the cleaning yourself and find more value in hiring a Professional Service provider. Which-ever the reason may be, there is a reason why you have taking this step so let’s keep your reason top of mind.

Another reason why the clean before the clean is a waste of your time is because you have hired a cleaner who will most likely be charging top dollar for their services so why not leave the entire thing to them. This is why you hired them isn’t – to free up more time? So why spend your time doing what you have essentially paid for?

Another reason is if a cleaner knows you have pre-cleaned, they will continue to expect that and the moment you might be too busy to pre-clean, they will most likely try to charge you more because the house was messier, or that it took them more time than usual.

Here are a few questions to consider:

  1. How will you know how effective your cleaner is at handling different work-loads?
  2. How dynamic are your cleaners?
  3. Can they adapt quickly to a changing environment like your home?

If you answered No, then you know you have the wrong cleaners on your Team. Redgum will exceed your expectations on all areas.


  1. When you enter your home, you immediately can smell the Eucalyptus throughout the house.
  2. Your Tiles or Floorboards are shiny and clean
  3. Your Bathrooms and Toilets smell amazing and look fresh and clean, the Toilet roll is folded neatly.
  4. Your eyes are caught by the sparkling shine of your tap wear and sinks.
  5. Your Kitchen shines like never before, the splash backs are streak-free and clean, the range hood isn’t layered with grease, and the Stove top looks ready to be on the front of Home Magazine.


You’ve hired the Cleaner, now you’re thinking what do I need to do now?

Here are a few tips to consider, and this is what we also tell our Clients when we start with them.

  1. If you have children, tidy up any toys that may be on the floors
  2. If you have Pets, please put them outside, especially if they are not friendly.
  3. Sit back and relax, Go shopping, or go out and enjoy lunch or a walk along the beach


When you hire Redgum Cleaning, we can guarantee that Life will become a lot easier than it has been. We can visit on a Weekly, Fortnight or Monthly basis at a time that suits you.

We also provide Key Safe’s that are able to hold your spare key in a secure pad-lock device that connects to your door, this will allow us to get access while you’re not home so when you do return, your home is ready for you and the Family, and smelling as great as it looks.


If you would like to put us to the test, please don’t hesitate to either give us a call on 0409 481 597 or try contacting us via our contact us page or you can also find us on Facebook – Check out the Redgum Facebook Page.

Office Number :: 02 8006 1356

Redgum removes Pet hair from your carpets 62
Redgum removes Pet hair from your carpets

Love your Pets in the House but hate the Hair?

Are you like us and love having Pets in your life - Do they also live inside with you?

Then you have experienced the hair issue that goes with having Pets inside the home. Have you been like most we come across - purchased a thousand different type's of vacuums only to find out that they don't even come close to removing the hair.

Do you buy the bag-less with the expensive power-head - the industrial barrel with 20 billion watts of suction power - or do you just do what everyone else is doing and call 02 8006 1356 - speak with Mike and make an appointment for him to come out to do all the hard-work for you.

If your not convince Redgum can help solve your problem, then have a quick look at the picture below - the Left-hand side is untreated while the Right-hand side has been treated.


Redgum removes Pet hair from your carpets 63