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Awesome Results Tile & Grout Cleaning

Awesome Results Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tiles Looking Old & Tired?

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Another Tile & Grout Cleaning Job Completed

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Well Today, William & Mike visited Berkeley Vale on the New South Wales Central Coast to complete a Tile & Grout cleaning job. The tiles had seen many days of being trod on by many feet, maybe some little dirty than others.

It doesn't take much for tiles to have built-up grime and dirt get stuck in the fine cracks, over time this fine dirt and dust will build up to make the tile lose it's original shine and look somewhat old and tired. This is what has happen to the tiles we seen today, this Client is a regular Client of Redgum's however we've never given these tiles a treatment until today.

Below are the before picture's of the tiles, as you will see - the tiles were in pretty good shape overall, they just had discolouring from built up dust and dirt which was rubbed onto the tiles by stools that Client had once been using.

Just remember when clicking on the pictures, just hit the back button in your browser or on your phone.

The Results Really do Speak for Themselves

With a little bit of Redgum Tile Cleaner, and some hard yakka with a scrubbing brush, we were able to get the Tiles looking kinda white again. The dirt and grime was lifted, the oil was removed and a nice shine was the result.

Check out the Results below.

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Great Results End of Lease Clean Completed 11
Great Results End of Lease Clean Completed

Great Results, End of Lease Clean Completed

Well we had a fantastic Sunday at Redgum Cleaning. Mike & William had the privilege of doing another End of Lease Clean for a Client who is moving to good old sunny Queensland. We were also presented with totally awesome weather, with the rain going away and us having a beautiful 27 degree day - perfect temperature to be cleaning.

Anyway, I don't want to keep on waffling on, so lets just get to the point of this post!

The Before & After photo's that we know you enjoy looking at.

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The Visible Proof of Redgum Quality

We really do take great pride in the work we perform on a daily basis. We think it can be seen in the results we are able to achieve in such a short amount of time. The usual turn around for a End of Lease clean is between 4 to 5 hours.

Below are the before pictures of this End of Lease clean.....

Get to know What's Included

Do you want to know more about our End of Lease Cleans?

The Importance of Hiring Professionals

Moving house is a huge task for anyone, especially so when you are a family with children. This is why it is important to hire the professionals who will take away the stress of at least part of this process by making sure everything in the house is clean to the Real Estate standards. This is where Redgum Cleaning Company excel in.

As, you can see from the Before Pictures, that this home wasn't too dirty, just your usual dust accumulation on architraves, skirtings and of course the fans. At Redgum Cleaning, we make sure that the entire house is as clean as possible, we know we can't return everything back to the original condition, especially if it hasn't been maintained well, or if the house itself is a older style house but we certainly will make sure that it is of high standards.

For example, this is the results of just the Range-hood.

Great Results End of Lease Clean Completed 34
Range-hood before

Great Results End of Lease Clean Completed 35

Range-hood after

Call the Professionals on your Next Move.

Well, we hope you found that interesting and had a little enjoyment at looking at our work, and the final quality of what our Clients receive on a Daily basis.

If you are interested in having your home cleaned, please don't hesitate to get in contact with either Mike or William, we provide Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly services as well as a wide range of boutique services that are highly customised to fit your Families needs.

If you want to read more about what's included in a Redgum End of Lease Clean, please click here, to go to this information.

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Great Result for Another End of Lease Clean 62
Great Result for Another End of Lease Clean

Another End of Lease Clean with Awesome Results!

We've had another GREAT result for the latest End of Lease clean.

Well hello again, we have had another awesome few weeks here at Redgum Cleaning, which has seen many new Clients join our Family and we are getting ready to find a New Team member soon, but that's not why I'm here to talk about.

Today (12th Feb) we had the privilege to assist a young lady who had one of those moments in life that we have all encountered, she was in the process of moving and we all know how much of a pain in the ass that can be – but she found herself running out of time and available help. Apparently she was abandoned by her helpers at the last minute - Step in Redgum Cleaning to take care of the problem, because this is what we do.


We were first contacted & booked to do the End of Lease clean on the Monday (10th Feb) however if you’re in Australia you would know that Monday was the day that the clouds let loose and gave us our long awaited rain-fall – and my god did we get a dumping of rain. We saw almost 200 plus mm in the area we are living in and luckily we are located on a small hill!

Entire area’s are currently under water, and this is only 4 weeks after having half the country on Fire!

Anyway, back to our Client who was in a pickle – after rearranging many appointments and waiting for the rain to stop, we were finally allowed by Mother Nature to attend our End of Lease clean.

It was a bit more dirtier than I was expecting, I have seen some messy homes as I turn up – which is totally natural considering people are moving, however this Client was still in the process of removing items, which is nothing new for me – I have seen this many times and it’s a great indicator that the person is under a fair bit of pressure.

So sit back and view our magic!

The first collection are the before shots, and the second the after shots.

Hire The Greatest Weapon in your Cleaning Arsenal

Remember, only the Number 1 Cleaning Company can get you out of any pickle you may find yourself in. So give us a call on your next move – 0409 481 497

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From Dirty to Clean - Oven Cleaning 113
From Dirty to Clean – Oven Cleaning

Do you hate cleaning Ovens?

From Dirty to Clean – Oven Cleaning

It's been awhile since we last posted a story on our Blog - we apologise for this. Over the past few months we have been incredibly busy with keeping up with our workloads and new bookings for End of Lease cleans. However we caught a moment to share with you a story about one of the many Oven cleans we have done since we last posted.

This Client hired us to perform a End of Lease clean - which we will share the full picture's of the job when uploaded.

There are heaps of People we talk to on a daily basis that really dislike having to clean the Oven of their homes, many of whom hire out this job to cleaners like ourselves. This Client was an avid user of the Oven which you can see from the pictures below. But for those who like this Client very rarely cleaned the oven, this will give you a good example of the type of results we can achieve.


From Dirty to Clean - Oven Cleaning 114
From Dirty to Clean - Oven Cleaning 115

Get the Experts in

So from the pictures above you can see we love what we do, we take pride in what we do and we make sure we go above and beyond your expectations on what can be delivered and achieved.

If you are wanting to give us a test - please feel free to get in contact or simply fill in a request for a quote.

Another Home Redgummed 116
Another Home Redgummed

Another End of Lease Success

Well hello there, we are so happy to see you have returned to view another great success post regarding our End of Lease cleans and the results that Redgum Cleaning obtain.

This Client was moving house and booked us at the last minute. This being in a month we were holding a End of Lease special proved to be a tricky clean as we had to fit it within an already crowded schedule.

But we got there in the end, here are the before and after photo's.


The Before Shot's

Another Home Redgummed 117
Another Home Redgummed 118
Another Home Redgummed 119
Another Home Redgummed 120
Another Home Redgummed 121
Another Home Redgummed 122
Another Home Redgummed 123
Another Home Redgummed 124
Another Home Redgummed 125
Another Home Redgummed 126
Another Home Redgummed 127
Another Home Redgummed 128
Another Home Redgummed 129

The After Shot's

Another Home Redgummed 130
Another Home Redgummed 131
Another Home Redgummed 132
Another Home Redgummed 133
Another Home Redgummed 134
Another Home Redgummed 135
Another Home Redgummed 136
Another Home Redgummed 137
Another Home Redgummed 138
Another Home Redgummed 139
Another Home Redgummed 140
Another Home Redgummed 141

And that's it for this post, we hope you have enjoyed viewing our work and if you would like to have your home Redgummed, please don't hesitate to contact us for a FREE quote.