Chosen the right Contractor

Choosing the right cleaning contractor for the job is important in achieving a clean and comfortable work environment offering a safe and pleasant atmosphere for workers and, where relevant, customers and clients. This is also a true statement regarding your Home.

Cleaning services range from basic office cleaning, janitorial cleaning and janitorial services to commercial cleaning and industrial cleaning.

It’s important to research the service capacity of a cleaning contractor before engaging their services. A key consideration is the sustainable practices employed by the cleaning company relating to the quality of their detergents, a detailed explanation of their ‘green’ approach and overall practices including waste disposal. Investigation of the variety of services offered is also important. Business cleaning services should include basic services such as general cleaning, bathroom and kitchen cleaning.

Commercial cleaning companies offer a range of additional services such as whiteboard and blackboard cleaning, cleaning blinds, pest control, sanitary services, carpet steam cleaning and even window cleaning. Ensure each cleaning company defines what is within the parameters of regular cleaning services, and what is not included in this fee.

Choosing the Right Cleaning Contractor

There is much thought that should go into choosing the proper cleaning contractor to clean your commercial premises or home. With the competition as fierce as it is today, pricing often dictates the company/person that is often chosen. But is this the proper way to find the right company/person?

The answer is unquestionably no!

Companies that are often referred as “low ballers” often put no thought into the actual needs of your facility and or the job. Their goal is to get the job and hope that you as the customer will not hold them to the expected level of services you previously had or are desiring to achieve. The right company will ask the proper questions about your facility, as well as staffing and expectations. Cleaning packages come in various sizes which consists of the most basic cleaning to detailed and highly managed programs. The so called “low ballers” often will use undocumented, non-skilled labour and this can be a major problem and concern for all involved.

Since commercial office cleaning often requires overnight cleaning when your office is closed many unexpected problems can occur. Poor cleaning is the least of your headaches when you consider the security of your office or building & business equipment can be at risk.

Knowing who is cleaning your office is a key element. Some basic questions that should be asked are.

  • What has been the contractor’s history and time in this industry?
  • Do they do background checks on their staff?
  • Who will have your keys and what training does he/she do with their staff to address the responsibility that comes along with having them?
  • What accounts do they presently service like your business?
  • What are the limits of insurance and who is the underwriter?
  • Do they have an insurance against theft?
  • What training methods do they employ?

Answering these questions of course still holds no guarantee, but it gives you some insight into who this potential contractor is and what is their history.

Don’t buy by price! Make the right choice by asking the right questions. There are competitive, honest contractors that can do the job at a reasonable price and give you piece of mind. Try to get three quotes and when one stands out as significantly less know there is a reason why it is so.

Don’t make a costly mistake and risk the security, records and cleanliness of your premises. Lastly, ask one of your friends who they currently use to clean and often if they are having success with their contractor you will as well.

Seek out testimonials and references of cleaners under consideration, and ask about flexibility of cleaning arrangements from daily cleaning to an as needed basis.

If you would like to discuss this further, please feel free to make a booking with Mike or another member of our Team. You are always free to call – (02) 8006 1356 anytime to make a booking, or just to ask a question.