COVID-19 Update & News

Update on the COVID-19 Virus

The Australian Federal & State Governments have brought in Legislation in regards to the closure of Businesses in Australia particularly in New South Wales (see link.

What does this mean for Redgum Cleaning?

The new Legislation has no immediate effect on our operations – we have had some individual Families cancel their Services for a temporary period while we continue through this difficult situation.

All Services and cleaning schedules will remain as per normal, until we receive further information from Government.

What should I do if someone in my Family is sick?

You will need to call (02) 8006 1356 and inform us that you are unwell, if you have COVID-19 we will need to cease your Services for a short period of time until you have received a authorized clearance from your local GP.

Do we need to leave the house or property?

No, not unless you feel you want to – we are more than happy to clean while your home. However, if you are unwell we would ask that you sit outside or in a room (weather permitted) while we clean.

What happens if more closure are ordered?

We feel that our Industry will be one of the last that will need to close, the nature of our Business makes us in the essential business category so we should be fine. If this changes, we will inform all our Clients of any closures.

Thank you and Stay Safe

The Redgum Team