The Easy Stain Remover!

Easy Stain Remover!

We’re not sure about you, but at Redgum Cleaning we really do not like stains at all. We are in constant battles, even War with stains from all backgrounds on a daily basis. In our time we have become experts in dealing with stains that are freshly made, or those ones that have been dormant for days, months or even centuries displaying character traits of an Egyptian Mummy.

It really doesn’t matter how bad the stain is, Redgum Cleaning Company can usually overcome most stains using our range of tools at our disposal. We have seen stains that resemble a murder seen from Murder She Wrote or some Alfred Hitchcock film that involved a bottle of Red wine and white interior. Or you might have a room that once looked appealing but in five minutes your 2 year-old had taken crayon to the walls and now, it resembles a modern art/graffiti exhibition. Our Staff are well trained to deal with such matters and can provide top-level support to you and your family while we work through this troubling time in your life.

We know that stains have been causing Australians grief over many generations and we at Redgum Cleaning are committed to stamping out this issue by providing all Australians with our top-tier, world-class support and cleaning services.

For too long have Australians had to deal with stains and their constant reminder of how they were created, or how that person who shouldn’t touch things didn’t listen and now you have to look upon their choice every day. Well no-longer will this be something to fear, Redgum Cleaning are here to take away your pain and try to put things back in their place with our high quality cleaning services.

So if this is a problem you are currently facing, please let us assist and take away the pain of cleaning. Take time to enjoy your day with your young children, or if your children are all grown up, heck, why are you not going out into this beautiful world enjoying yourself while having peace of mind knowing that Redgum Cleaning Company have your back and are taking care of all your domestic cleaning needs. Give us a call on (02) 8006 1356 or 0409 481 597 and book us in before there are no more spots left.

We are always on the lookout for better methods, ways to clean stains using everyday natural products. And if possible, we try to find things that a normal person would or could find in their own homes. Below is a great stain remover to use on your cloths or carpets. But like always, please first test solution in an area that is unnoticed before applying to area of stain.



1 Tbsp baking soda
4 Tbsp dish soap
8 Tbsp hydrogen peroxide



Combine all ingredients in a small jar and stir to combine well. For clothing or carpet, a “paste” consistency is what you’re after, all other stains, dilute and put solution into spray bottle and apply to stained area accordinaly.

Apply directly to the stain and rub gently with your finger, a piece of fabric or an old toothbrush. Allow stain remover to sit for at least 15 minutes, or up to an hour. Wash normally. For application on “carpet” wash off after leaving for ONLY a few minutes. For best results, wipe solution off with a damp or slightly wet cloth or rag, then wipe with a dry rag or cloth.

baking soda – $.01
dish soap – $0.11
hydrogen peroxide – $.05

Total cost of homemade stain remover is 17¢. Not only a good stain remover, but very cost effective.