From Dirty to Clean – Oven Cleaning

Do you hate cleaning Ovens?

From Dirty to Clean – Oven Cleaning

It's been awhile since we last posted a story on our Blog - we apologise for this. Over the past few months we have been incredibly busy with keeping up with our workloads and new bookings for End of Lease cleans. However we caught a moment to share with you a story about one of the many Oven cleans we have done since we last posted.

This Client hired us to perform a End of Lease clean - which we will share the full picture's of the job when uploaded.

There are heaps of People we talk to on a daily basis that really dislike having to clean the Oven of their homes, many of whom hire out this job to cleaners like ourselves. This Client was an avid user of the Oven which you can see from the pictures below. But for those who like this Client very rarely cleaned the oven, this will give you a good example of the type of results we can achieve.


From Dirty to Clean - Oven Cleaning 2
From Dirty to Clean - Oven Cleaning 3

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So from the pictures above you can see we love what we do, we take pride in what we do and we make sure we go above and beyond your expectations on what can be delivered and achieved.

If you are wanting to give us a test - please feel free to get in contact or simply fill in a request for a quote.