Great Result for Another End of Lease Clean

Another End of Lease Clean with Awesome Results!

We've had another GREAT result for the latest End of Lease clean.

Well hello again, we have had another awesome few weeks here at Redgum Cleaning, which has seen many new Clients join our Family and we are getting ready to find a New Team member soon, but that's not why I'm here to talk about.

Today (12th Feb) we had the privilege to assist a young lady who had one of those moments in life that we have all encountered, she was in the process of moving and we all know how much of a pain in the ass that can be – but she found herself running out of time and available help. Apparently she was abandoned by her helpers at the last minute - Step in Redgum Cleaning to take care of the problem, because this is what we do.


We were first contacted & booked to do the End of Lease clean on the Monday (10th Feb) however if you’re in Australia you would know that Monday was the day that the clouds let loose and gave us our long awaited rain-fall – and my god did we get a dumping of rain. We saw almost 200 plus mm in the area we are living in and luckily we are located on a small hill!

Entire area’s are currently under water, and this is only 4 weeks after having half the country on Fire!

Anyway, back to our Client who was in a pickle – after rearranging many appointments and waiting for the rain to stop, we were finally allowed by Mother Nature to attend our End of Lease clean.

It was a bit more dirtier than I was expecting, I have seen some messy homes as I turn up – which is totally natural considering people are moving, however this Client was still in the process of removing items, which is nothing new for me – I have seen this many times and it’s a great indicator that the person is under a fair bit of pressure.

So sit back and view our magic!

The first collection are the before shots, and the second the after shots.

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