Not your Average Cleaner!

When I was a kid, there was this television commercial on at the time about motor oils. The catch phrase to that television advertisement was: “Oils ain’t Oils”. I believe it was for Valvoline oils, or maybe Castrol. Anyways, this little catchphrase has stuck with me all these years.

So why am I telling you this, you may wonder. Well, for the last few days we have been extremely busy answering enquiries that we receive online, well I should say – mostly Bianca our awesome Office Manager has been busy churning out quotations for potential new Clients.

Cleaners ain’t all Cleaners

We are finding many potential Clients are making their decisions purely on price, to which we totally can understand – after all, this is what Capitalism is all about, the market decides what is a fair price to pay for any given service. However, like that old television commercial – “Cleaners ain’t all Cleaners” meaning that not all us in the Industry approach our work in the same way or have the same level of pride in workmanship. It’s not a standard that Governments set, and its not one that Industry sets. It all comes down to how much the particular person undertaking the clean cares about their work, and the results that are delivered to you.

At the Redgum Cleaning Company all our staff are comprehensively trained in all aspects of cleaning, stain removal, chemical usage and most importantly safety and working in safe environment. Our Founder and Managing Director Mike Willson personally guides our new people through the cleaning standards, that we as a Company have set for ourselves. Most of our new Clients are amazed by the level of detail we go to, not just on our End of Lease Cleans – but all our cleans. Every clean, and every Client we treat like it’s out first time doing business.

Also, like with all our cleans, we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back, it’s that simple. With a commitment like this to our Clients, we have to make sure we get it right the first time with the benefit to you in the form of free time to get other things completed or just free time to spend with loved ones – whichever it may be the Redgum Cleaning Company are always here to assist our Clients in the best possible way.

The next time you are looking around at your property, with that little voice inside reminding you that your fans and air conditioning vents are blocked and dirty or that your architraves have 150mm of dust on them. Remember that Redgum means clean, and clean means your happiness.

Give the Redgum Cleaning Company a call on (02) 8006 1356 and talk to the Team about your needs. We are sure you will think our prices are very competitive but most importantly you will realise that Cleaners ain’t all Cleaners.