Highest Quality Once-Off Cleaning Services

The Redgum “Once-Off” Cleaning Services are for those Clients who only need us for the one-time, or as per needed. We find that Clients who utilise this service tend to perform their own cleaning tasks, however they may be suffering from an injury and hence why our “short-term” services come in handy. We also find that some elderly members of our Community also tend to use this service for much the same reasons.

Below you can find a break-down of what tasks our “Once-Off Cleaning Services” include :

  • 2 x Professional Cleaners for a period of 2 hrs
  • Full dusting of all visible architraves, benchtops, shelves, cabinets, electronic goods
  • Wet wipe of benchtops in kitchen, living areas, bathrooms
  • Dust, Clean, Sanitise Toilets and Bathrooms
  • Vacuum ALL floors, including under furniture where possible
  • Mop ALL hard-floors and tiled areas

Any additional items that you may need to be taken care of can be added to the work-order and are considered on a job by job basis.

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