Redgum Accepts Bitcoin Payments!


Sunday 20th of May 2018 – 19:30PM

Redgum Accepts Bitcoin Payments! 2 Redgum Accepts Bitcoin Payments! 3

We are very excited to announce that from the 21st of May 2018 the Redgum Cleaning Company will accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash & Litecoin as a form of payment for services that we provide to our Clients. Our payment addresses have been published on the front page of our website, just before the footer section.

However, they are also published at the end of this New Release. This new form of payment is also available to existing Clients, but not available to Clients who are on Contract as payments for existing contracts have been finalised and are unable to be modified.

Don’t forget that we will still accept payments made via PayPal, or Direct Deposit into our Bank accounts, along with Visa/MasterCard Credit and Debit cards.

For any questions related to this new form of payment, please contact the Office on (02) 8006 1356 or just send us an email at mail at


Bitcoin: 1KfUE6mzWPFT2qhgzFbvPXkqgxq2KJ9P
Bitcoin Cash: 1M3SLK1M2Lp2LXpAWkCDx5VsUa6n1et49P
Litecoin: LPkG8wmuiVhjxPNC7oQ3nmJHRk3ntg5JcV