Great Results End of Lease Clean Completed 1
Great Results End of Lease Clean Completed

Great Results, End of Lease Clean Completed

Well we had a fantastic Sunday at Redgum Cleaning. Mike & William had the privilege of doing another End of Lease Clean for a Client who is moving to good old sunny Queensland. We were also presented with totally awesome weather, with the rain going away and us having a beautiful 27 degree day - perfect temperature to be cleaning.

Anyway, I don't want to keep on waffling on, so lets just get to the point of this post!

The Before & After photo's that we know you enjoy looking at.

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The Visible Proof of Redgum Quality

We really do take great pride in the work we perform on a daily basis. We think it can be seen in the results we are able to achieve in such a short amount of time. The usual turn around for a End of Lease clean is between 4 to 5 hours.

Below are the before pictures of this End of Lease clean.....

Get to know What's Included

Do you want to know more about our End of Lease Cleans?

The Importance of Hiring Professionals

Moving house is a huge task for anyone, especially so when you are a family with children. This is why it is important to hire the professionals who will take away the stress of at least part of this process by making sure everything in the house is clean to the Real Estate standards. This is where Redgum Cleaning Company excel in.

As, you can see from the Before Pictures, that this home wasn't too dirty, just your usual dust accumulation on architraves, skirtings and of course the fans. At Redgum Cleaning, we make sure that the entire house is as clean as possible, we know we can't return everything back to the original condition, especially if it hasn't been maintained well, or if the house itself is a older style house but we certainly will make sure that it is of high standards.

For example, this is the results of just the Range-hood.

Great Results End of Lease Clean Completed 24
Range-hood before

Great Results End of Lease Clean Completed 25

Range-hood after

Call the Professionals on your Next Move.

Well, we hope you found that interesting and had a little enjoyment at looking at our work, and the final quality of what our Clients receive on a Daily basis.

If you are interested in having your home cleaned, please don't hesitate to get in contact with either Mike or William, we provide Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly services as well as a wide range of boutique services that are highly customised to fit your Families needs.

If you want to read more about what's included in a Redgum End of Lease Clean, please click here, to go to this information.

(02) 8006 1356 or use our online form to get in contact with us.

From Dirty to Clean - Oven Cleaning 52
From Dirty to Clean – Oven Cleaning

Do you hate cleaning Ovens?

From Dirty to Clean – Oven Cleaning

It's been awhile since we last posted a story on our Blog - we apologise for this. Over the past few months we have been incredibly busy with keeping up with our workloads and new bookings for End of Lease cleans. However we caught a moment to share with you a story about one of the many Oven cleans we have done since we last posted.

This Client hired us to perform a End of Lease clean - which we will share the full picture's of the job when uploaded.

There are heaps of People we talk to on a daily basis that really dislike having to clean the Oven of their homes, many of whom hire out this job to cleaners like ourselves. This Client was an avid user of the Oven which you can see from the pictures below. But for those who like this Client very rarely cleaned the oven, this will give you a good example of the type of results we can achieve.


From Dirty to Clean - Oven Cleaning 53
From Dirty to Clean - Oven Cleaning 54

Get the Experts in

So from the pictures above you can see we love what we do, we take pride in what we do and we make sure we go above and beyond your expectations on what can be delivered and achieved.

If you are wanting to give us a test - please feel free to get in contact or simply fill in a request for a quote.

Redgum saves Young Man's night! 55
Redgum saves Young Man’s night!

BBQ Clean needed ASAP

Sometime ago, we were contacted by a young professional Man whom was in a pickle - he ran his own small business and was snowed under with work and couldn't find enough time to put aside to be able to clean his BBQ and getting it ready for the boys to arrive on "game night".

Obviously we could also see the pickle he found himself in and of course we knew we could assist him and make his night a great success by taking on the cleaning of his BBQ. Now as most of you would know, in Australia the BBQ is most often than not, the Centre of the Family entertainment area - or a big part thereof. And it's common among Australian Men to take a bit of pride in their homes backyard, the set up of the "Man-cave" or garage to the common folk. The other item Australian Men take pride in is there BBQ - and this young Man was no different. "I need it to be spotless" was something he said to us - "Sir, please leave it with us, we will have it all clean in under an hour for you".


The Magic of Redgum

We arrived for the BBQ clean, the home was absolutely beautiful.

We made our way to the backyard area to locate the BBQ - Below are before and after shots and our Client was also sent via SMS photo's to put his mind as ease. To say he was over the moon would be an understatement. Again we left leaving the Magic of Redgum sparkling all over his BBQ.


The Before Shots

Below, are the before shots of the BBQ before it received the Redgum treatment. Please take note of the inside of the BBQ - also the burners.

Redgum saves Young Man's night! 56
Redgum saves Young Man's night! 57
Redgum saves Young Man's night! 58
Redgum saves Young Man's night! 59

The After Shots

Below, is what happens when Redgum are called to clean your BBQ - the difference is overwhelming and you can see why the Client was so happy with the results. We are sure that he was the chatter of the night of how clean he kept his BBQ. So in the end, we reached our goal of not delivering a clean BBQ, but making him look good in front of his friends and visitors. And this is why we are hired, we see, understand and execute your desires into reality.

Redgum saves Young Man's night! 60
Redgum saves Young Man's night! 61
Redgum saves Young Man's night! 62
Redgum saves Young Man's night! 63
Redgum saves Young Man's night! 64
Redgum saves Young Man's night! 65
Redgum saves Young Man's night! 66

Get your BBQ Cleaned for 25% Discount!

Why spend your hours on the weekend cleaning the BBQ or even worst, trying to get it cleaned, 10 minutes before your guest arrive with you running around like a chicken without it's head. Why stress, get Redgum out to clean your BBQ. We will have it ready, cleaned and sanitised before your guest arrive. Leaving you, to be able to concentrate on enjoying your guest's company.

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Have an awesome day!

The Toilets that got forgotten 67
The Toilets that got forgotten

Hello!, and Welcome to another Redgum post.

Thank you for visiting us again and if you're new to our posts, a big welcome and thank you taking the time out of your day or evening to read our babblings!

Today we would like to showcase our latest clean - 2 very dirty bathrooms that are located in an Industrial estate on the Central Coast. We received the call from our Client who was in need of someone to help them out by cleaning 2 very dirty toilets and bathroom areas of a property they had just moved into. The wording of the email we received was very alarming as they stated that one toilet had not been in use since they had moved into the property. We were thinking - "OMG! How bad can this toilet and bathroom be!".

Anyhow, we took on the job and turned up on-time as per our standards and we were presented with .. Well allow me to let the pictures do all the talking for me.

This was Toilet/Bathroom number 1.



With a little Hard Yakka

So the job was a fairly big job for a very small area. We had to sugar soap all the walls, treat the tiles with tile cleaner - however I wasn't totally happy with the end result. A few more treatments would bring the little ceramics back to their original condition.

Toilet 2, Not as bad as Number 1

The second toilet was nowhere near as bad as the previous. We still had to sugar soap all the walls, and treat the tiles with tile cleaner. The end results was a bit better than the first bathroom/toilet but still could do with more treatments to get the tiles back to their original condition.

Let's take a look at the before shots of toilet number 2.

Not perfect, but it's a good Start!

As I said previously, I wasn't totally happy with the end results, only because my OCD wanted to see a entirely clean unblemished floor. Oh well, can't always achieve the perfect results especially when you're dealing with years of oil, grease and general dirt and grime.

So, you like what you saw?

Do you need us to visit your Industrial Bathroom/Toilet?

Give us a call on (02) 8006 1356 and get Mike out to help your bathroom smell better than you have ever smelt in the past.

Another Day, Another Redgum Clean 75
Another Day, Another Redgum Clean

Giving the Central Coast the Redgum Treatment - One Home at a Time

Hello!, Welcome to another Redgum post.

Well what a week it has been so far, we have been flat out here at Redgum. It seems many folks are in the process of moving locations and we are getting call after call. But we are not complaining, far from it. We want more and more work so that we can achieve one of many goals - to Redgum the Central Coast!

Today's post we will showcase another End of Lease clean we completed in Gosford. Our Client, a very nice lady who hired us to complete her clean after she had vacated the property. The property was in a great location overlooking Brisbane Waters. The clean itself was very straight forward and not too hard to complete, our Client was a fairly clean person so it was general wiping of kitchen shelves, some spot cleaning of walls, cleaning of all sliding doors and windows. We also had the normal bathroom clean.

So there you go, another day at Redgum, another happy Client who received their full rental bond back!

If you're moving house and need someone to take that extra effort, look after all the details and receive your rental bond back - please give us a call on (02) 8006 1356 to arrange a quote or just book a spot today.

Thank you for your time and from the rest of the Team at Redgum Cleaning, thank you for visiting us.

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