Another Home Redgummed 1
Another Home Redgummed

Another End of Lease Success

Well hello there, we are so happy to see you have returned to view another great success post regarding our End of Lease cleans and the results that Redgum Cleaning obtain.

This Client was moving house and booked us at the last minute. This being in a month we were holding a End of Lease special proved to be a tricky clean as we had to fit it within an already crowded schedule.

But we got there in the end, here are the before and after photo's.


The Before Shot's

Another Home Redgummed 2
Another Home Redgummed 3
Another Home Redgummed 4
Another Home Redgummed 5
Another Home Redgummed 6
Another Home Redgummed 7
Another Home Redgummed 8
Another Home Redgummed 9
Another Home Redgummed 10
Another Home Redgummed 11
Another Home Redgummed 12
Another Home Redgummed 13
Another Home Redgummed 14

The After Shot's

Another Home Redgummed 15
Another Home Redgummed 16
Another Home Redgummed 17
Another Home Redgummed 18
Another Home Redgummed 19
Another Home Redgummed 20
Another Home Redgummed 21
Another Home Redgummed 22
Another Home Redgummed 23
Another Home Redgummed 24
Another Home Redgummed 25
Another Home Redgummed 26

And that's it for this post, we hope you have enjoyed viewing our work and if you would like to have your home Redgummed, please don't hesitate to contact us for a FREE quote.

Quality End of Lease Cleaning 27
Quality End of Lease Cleaning

Quality End of Lease Cleaning

Happy Clients, Happier Redgumers!

Well, Hello again. We are so glad you could visit us here on the Redgum website to yet again read another story of a Happy Client.

Today's job mostly involved the removal of mold, and I really do not like mold. Not many people realise, but mold can be the cause of great sickness among those who reside inside a home. This home was an older style home, probably built sometime in the late 70's maybe 80's. There were many gaps in places that shouldn't have gaps. And we would imagine it to be a very cold home during the winter months.

This job was a kinda special job, special because it was generated by Redgum's very own Super Office Manager - Bianca for a lady who is a work colleague at Bianca's primary job (sorry can't tell ya what she does).

This Clients home besides being a little drafty, was definitely a fixer upper type of home, it was just sold hence why Redgum were called in to give it the Redgum Treatment before our Client handed over the keys. Even though it was drafty and a older type house, the potential for what it could be is unlimited, and if the new owners are a young family I'm sure they will have a ball of fun doing the renovations and transforming it into their little piece of Australia.

Let's take a look at the before shots,

High Ceilings, & Floor Boards

So the house wasn't too bad as you can see from the pictures above. The picture that shows the ceiling is the ceiling of the bathroom which was suffering from mold which was extensive and doesn't really show up on the photographs. There were heaps of spiders and spider webs as well as dust because of the high ceilings and floor boards. But we soon got in and tackled all those items and the results were pretty impressive.

So did you like the Results?

So what did you think?

Were the results worth giving Redgum a call (02) 8006 1356?

Go on, buy yourself and your family sometime to spend together. Let us here at Redgum take care of all your cleaning requirements.


Another Happy Redgum Client 56
Another Happy Redgum Client

Today the Redgum Cleaning Company cleaned another home for a Client who hired us to do their End of Lease clean, for obvious reasons - as it is one of our specialities. And yet again we achieved an awesome result with a very happy Client.

In their own words we were sent this on Facebook -

"I can't speak highly enough about the incredible professional service that Redgum offers. We were blown away by their work ethic and nothing left to chance. Every detail was taken care of and they went above and beyond. We recommend Redgum Cleaning service to anyone, especially during the stressful time of moving. :)"

As you would imagine, this made our day as it is always a daunting feeling cleaning other people's homes and what expectations they may have for the results we will or won't achieve for them. This clean was particularly important as it was a well lived in home and the family also had pets living inside the home which resulted in a lot of animal hair located in area's you wouldn't think hair would accumulate, however this Family had Redgum by their side and needed not to worry about the finer details of cleaning their home.

What made this clean even more special was the fact that Mike was able to remember to take before and after photos to share. For obvious privacy concerns we can not share the name or location of our Clients home, but we can show you the results of the clean we performed for them.

If you are visiting us for the first time, we welcome you to our online home and hope you enjoy your time here. If after viewing the following photos you would like us to visit your home to provide the Redgum treatment, please do not hesitate to contact Mike or William to get a obligation free quotation.

Now enjoy the following shots and appreciate 6 hours labour:

So there you go, another very happy Redgum Client to add to our growing list of happy clientele. If you think your home deserves the Redgum touch, gives us a call - (02) 8006 1356 and tell us that you want the Redgum touch.

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