The Night of the Runners 1
The Night of the Runners

The Night of the Runners

Hello and welcome to another post by us here at Redgum Cleaning.

Today I want to share with you the results of one of two of our latest cleans. This one involved a Real Estate Agency, the Owners and the Tenants who did bad things. You wouldn't think it would be common place to abscond from your responsibilities but apparently it's pretty prevalent amongst "fellow renters".  This latest case highlights the risks involved when you decide to rent out your home. We aren't too sure on the exact details and as always we cannot give people's names or our Clients names or the location of the property.

It was one evening last week that we received the call-out that one of our Real Estate clients needed us to visit a property that had just been vacated rather abruptly. The next day we arrived and when we attend these jobs, especially under the circumstances such as these, we do expect the worst.

However, it wasn't as bad as one would think. Yeah there was a lot of rubbish, dust and personal belonging that was left in there hurry to vacate the property. But other than that the premises was pretty good considering. Anyway, the before and after shots are below. Please feel free to leave comments or ask questions - and remember, if you want the End of Lease cleaning experts, then give us a call on (02) 8006 1356 and we can sort out your cleaning requirements.

Redgum Saves REAL ESTATE Agents Thousands! 26
Redgum Saves REAL ESTATE Agents Thousands!


The Redgum Cleaning Company saves Central Coast Real Estate Agents THOUSANDS in revenue.


Have I got your attention now? Good.

If you’re a Central Coast/Hunter real estate agent then you know very well how difficult it can be to find a quality cleaner at competitive prices, who does the job properly. We all know that there are many in our Industry who provide sub-standard services to our regions.

The Redgum Cleaning Company are renown for there High Standards in commercial cleaning services. We have experience in Hospitality cleaning, Self-Managed Apartments, Serviced Apartments, Units, Holiday Flats, Holiday Homes – you could say we are the specialist when it comes to cleaning up after a lengthy party or after a family of 16 who thoroughly enjoyed their holiday away.

In most cases, it is the “short-term” stays that are the bread and butter for most Real Estate Agents, Property Managers and their respective firms. This is certainly true in the “Holiday” destinations like; The Entrance, North Entrance, Blue Bay, Toowoon Bay, Shelly Beach, Bateau Bay, Forrester Beach, Umina Beach etc, these area’s mainly survive on the fact that people enjoy the beach-side frontage or close proximity to those beaches. And in these holiday seasons Property Managers want to maximize their margins and you can’t do that if the property is less cleaner than the “Guests” own homes.

This is why Central Coast Agents are looking towards the Redgum Cleaning Company for their cleaning solutions and eye for detail. Our approach to your problem is that you no longer have a problem, it’s that simple.

How many times in the past have you had properties that needed attention and your cleaners have let you down? Either by not performing to your expectations, or by not being able to fulfill the job order itself?

How many times have you had to ask your cleaner to return to the property to finish the job properly?

How many of your “Guests” have complained about the standard of cleaning or your cleaners themselves?

By engaging with the Redgum Cleaning Company, you will finally have found a way to get your cleaning needs attended to in a promptly manner, and you will find that you are saving thousands of dollars to your firms bottom line by utilising a higher quality cleaning service that will generate more revenue with less complaints from your holiday guests.

Ok, as a Real Estate Agent I like the sound of that, but what about all my other requirements like – “End of Lease Cleans” – you might be saying. Well Yes, The Redgum Cleaning Company do provide all those other services that you require including “End of Lease Cleans”. You can be assured that our “End of Lease Cleans” will leave you and your Client satisfied that your “New” Tenants will feel Welcomed and impressed with the level of presentation that you have provided for them. We also provide more frequent services like Weekly Cleans, Fortnightly Cleans and Emergency 24/7 Call-out Services.

So as the Headline says, – The Redgum Cleaning Company saves Central Coast Real Estate Agents THOUSANDS in revenue can be true for you too, but you first must contact us to arrange an appointment to discuss your needs and requirements.

Contact the Redgum Cleaning Company on (02) 8006 1356 to arrange an appointment today!

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