The Handy Carpet Cleaner 1
The Handy Carpet Cleaner

Good evening, we hope you are doing well and we thank you for stopping by our website to check us out.

This is only a short post to share with you all some awesome information on a great carpet cleaner we have just tested. However, stupid me (Mike) forgot to take before and after pictures. Oh well, these things happen when your excited about a new product.

So the Testing begins…

Like with all things we do – we do all our testing in our own home first to make sure things go accordingly and if failures are going to happen it will happen in our home first. We have had a few spots that have developed over time, we also had some very old stains that were from spilling coffee.

Now, we have a light shade of cream as our carpet, so all and every mark can easily be seen and we aren’t a house that takes our shoes off before entering (maybe that should change).

Anyway, we received a carpet cleaning solution, only a sample from our Suppliers & friends at SpotGo, to try and test out to see what we thought. Well, time got away from us and we hadn’t tested it out until today. And really, I don’t know why it took me so long to give it a go, it worked a treat on all those coffee stains, black grimy spot stains which I’m sure was a result of me walking inside with dirty boots, but we will keep that between you and me ok – shhhhh.

Using SpotGo’s Products Really Works!

The Handy Carpet Cleaner 2

I will admit I was sceptical about the performance of this product, but it is always very nice to be proven wrong about your initial thoughts. You couldn’t use this to clean a very large area, however, to attack those stains that just happen or have been there for awhile, it’s definately worth the $3.90 they charge in Woolworths.

All I found I had to do was spray a small amount on the stain itself, wait for a few minutes and using a damp chux cloth, massaged the stain in a circular motion. After a few seconds I changed cloths to a terry towel type of cloth, then dried the area that I just cleaned – making sure I removed as much cleaning solution as possible.

This left a result I was very surprised by, no blemish to the carpet like other stain removers I have used in the past. Very pleasant scent, and non-oily. So all up, I can fully recommend the SpotGo Carpet cleaning solution as being superior in performance.




Remember, if you need a Cleaner to help you out, Redgum Will SAVE YOU TIME and MONEY.

Give us a call on (02) 8006 1356 OR 0409 481 597


*Disclaimer: No financial benefit was received by Mike Willson nor Redgum Cleaning Company for the recommendation above. Redgum Cleaning Company takes no responsibility for results of or the using of the SpotGo Carpet Spot Cleaner or any other line. Results may vary, if not sure on application please contact the SpotGo team.


From Chaos to Pristine - A Bathroom Make-Over 3
From Chaos to Pristine – A Bathroom Make-Over

“Only a Parent knows the Feeling”!

Today we are going to talk about how to tackle the disaster scenario that hundreds of Australian households face each week – the dreaded Bathroom clean. You know the one I mean, soap scum so thick that it looks like you have installed frosted glass shower screens. Hair from those females who seem to lose more hair than the household cat, that gets stuck in the drain grates, stuck to the walls – yeah that kind of bathroom.

Now, I’m sure anyone who has small children or worse, young teens, knows exactly what I speak of. I’m not sure what happened over the generations, when I was young my mother made me clean the bathroom shower screen while I was in having my shower. Which, today I see the wisdom in doing and still do this till this day. However, trying to explain this to the younger generations seems to fall on deaf ears as they say. They would rather let it build-up to the point that bacteria itself wont take habitat in there.

I know as a parent myself, I have tried my best to train my kids in the technique of, cleaning up as you go, which makes things so much easier to managed. But do you think I can get this idea to sit well with my children – absolutely NOT!

Let’s see what we are up against, but I will warn you and apologise for the state of the bathroom in the before shots.

The Before Shots

From Chaos to Pristine - A Bathroom Make-Over 4



From Chaos to Pristine - A Bathroom Make-Over 5


The stuff you can not see in the above pictures is all the build-up of dust, build-up of make-up on the counter-top, the soap scum coated to the glass and basically a lot of filth covering the tiles, taps etc. We have seen a lot worse in our time, and obviously the older a bathroom is can also present problems with getting that clean look.

It’s very easy to get the clean smell, as you know many people associate the smell of chemicals as being clean. And this is how much of our competitors get away with providing the services they do because most people think the same. At the Redgum Cleaning Company, we use products, but just not like most of our competitors do, and where possible our products are environmentally friendly and have a low to non toxic element to them. Sometimes, something as simple as water is the best cleaner.

When we need to deal with mould and the like, we do engage the stronger stuff which provides that strong scent. On normal occasions we use products provided by our Local Partners – SpotGo – www.spotgo.com.au.  All SpotGo chemicals in SpotGo premium household cleaning products are free of toxic chemicals. All SpotGo products are free of alkyl phenol ethoxylate common in low quality old technology cleaning products. Alkyl phenol ethoxylates are persistent environmental polluters causing hormone dysfunction in mammals and fish and whilst still available in Australia have been banned for use in the more progressive European nations.

So if you’re into cleaning your own home, please get rid of those harsh toxic cleaners that the major supermarkets are ripping you off on, and get over to the SpotGo website, check out their range and get yourself some premium products that do a better job without having to use much product to get it done fast. If I was to just recommend one of their products, I would suggest getting yourself some Citrus All Purpose.

Now, let’s see what the results are like when we applied the Redgum Cleaning Company touch combined with SpotGo products.

The After Shots

From Chaos to Pristine - A Bathroom Make-Over 6

From Chaos to Pristine - A Bathroom Make-Over 7

From Chaos to Pristine - A Bathroom Make-Over 8

From Chaos to Pristine - A Bathroom Make-Over 9

Now that’s how a bathroom should be presented, clean and smelling..well, clean. Much better than the teenage/adult personal odour that engulfed the room before – hey kids!


If you would like the Redgum Cleaning Company come around to your house and deliver results like the ones you see in the above pictures, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us, or make a booking or Get a Quote or just give us a call directly on (02) 8006 1356. Mike can and will clean your house so that you feel like you are living like a King or Queen in the Modern age. There is no job too big or small that the Redgum Cleaning Company will not do.

Lastly, I would like to take the time to thank the Team at SpotGo for their support and awesome products. This Bathroom clean was a direct result of hard-work and the products from SpotGo.

From Chaos to Pristine - A Bathroom Make-Over 10From Chaos to Pristine - A Bathroom Make-Over 11

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