The Redgum Team, Participates in Free Trades Day

Redgum Joins Free Trade Day!

The Redgum Team, Participates in Free Trades Day 2The 29th of August 2018 was Free Trade Day, in which Redgum Cleaning Company participated in for the very first time. But that's ok, this day had only begun in 2017 - here is a little background information on the day and it's creator Ryan.

The Redgum Team, Participates in Free Trades Day 3

What began in 2017 on the Central Coast with an idea (Free Trade Day) from Ryan at Terrigal Electrical. The day offers free services to those in need who don’t have the ability to hire tradies to do the work that is needing to be completed.  This awesome day helps those who are in a period of financial hardship, those who live in homes that are dangerous to occupy & cannot afford to fix the issues themselves or families and individuals who for whatever reason just need a little assistance.

As we have already mentioned, this is absolutely an awesome idea. And this year Bianca our wonderful Office Manager signed us up to participate.

So today we had the privilege of helping someone who really needed their home to have a little TLC and left Redgumed. We participated in #FreeTradeDay and gave a lovely lady a little bit of a hand by going and spending 3 hours cleaning her home. Today was an opportunity for Redgum to give back to someone in the Community all for a simple thankyou. The end result was one very happy lady!

"Thank you soooo very much Mike and your beautiful family team. I am so very grateful and the end result was more than I expected. You guys absolutely made my day. Thankyou"

This lady had her hands more than full with a young son whom she has had to care for and who suffers from not one, but many different conditions, the following is an excerpt from the information we received at our Offices - "she cares for her disabled son, who is non verbal, has severe autism, epileptic seizures, ADHD,OCD and can have aggressive and violent meltdowns".

So you can imagine this lady would not get a lot of opportunities to clean her home or even have the desire to do that especially on a bad day with her boy.

So we all felt very privileged to be there to give a hand.

A massive BIG thankyou to the FTD Team for allowing us to participate this year.

If you haven't already, please head over to the Free Trade Day website and check it out. Especially if you're a Trades person who is in a position to offer your skills to someone in the Community who would really appreciate the help.

Visit Free Trade Day Website Here