The Toilets that got forgotten

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Today we would like to showcase our latest clean - 2 very dirty bathrooms that are located in an Industrial estate on the Central Coast. We received the call from our Client who was in need of someone to help them out by cleaning 2 very dirty toilets and bathroom areas of a property they had just moved into. The wording of the email we received was very alarming as they stated that one toilet had not been in use since they had moved into the property. We were thinking - "OMG! How bad can this toilet and bathroom be!".

Anyhow, we took on the job and turned up on-time as per our standards and we were presented with .. Well allow me to let the pictures do all the talking for me.

This was Toilet/Bathroom number 1.



With a little Hard Yakka

So the job was a fairly big job for a very small area. We had to sugar soap all the walls, treat the tiles with tile cleaner - however I wasn't totally happy with the end result. A few more treatments would bring the little ceramics back to their original condition.

Toilet 2, Not as bad as Number 1

The second toilet was nowhere near as bad as the previous. We still had to sugar soap all the walls, and treat the tiles with tile cleaner. The end results was a bit better than the first bathroom/toilet but still could do with more treatments to get the tiles back to their original condition.

Let's take a look at the before shots of toilet number 2.

Not perfect, but it's a good Start!

As I said previously, I wasn't totally happy with the end results, only because my OCD wanted to see a entirely clean unblemished floor. Oh well, can't always achieve the perfect results especially when you're dealing with years of oil, grease and general dirt and grime.

So, you like what you saw?

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