Tile floors, & keeping them clean

Want to maximise the appearance of tile flooring, it’s important to keep it clean

Many homes in Australia feature tile floors, because tile is attractive and more often than not, more durable than other flooring options like timber for example. In order to maintain the appearance of tile flooring, it’s important to keep it clean on a fairly regular basis. Try these cleaning tips to keep your tile looking like new.

Keep dirt off your tile floor

Your tile’s first line of defence against dirt is a doormat. According to Industry research, dirt that is tracked across tile flooring will wear away the finished surface. By keeping doormats or area rugs inside every door of your house, you can prevent excessive dirt from coming into contact with your tiled floor.

Clean regularly

Doormats won’t keep all the dirt out, so regular cleaning is the next step in keeping tiled floors clean. Sweep or vacuum up debris at least once a week and use a damp paper towel or sponge to wipe up any wet or sticky messes when they happen. Cleaning regularly can help to prevent serious dirt buildup and hard-to-remove stains, which are much more difficult and time consuming than day-to-day cleaning tasks.

Deep clean tough spots

In order to deep clean tile floors, you’ll need a dirt dissolving solution (Preferably Organic). Various types of grout and tile cleaners can be found at your local Bunnings, Godfreys or other independent supplier. Some are specially formulated for ceramic tile, while others are made for use on natural stone tile. Make sure that the product you use doesn’t contain ammonia or anything acidic, such as lemon juice or vinegar because those ingredients can dull the surface of your floors.

Many tile cleaners can be sprayed right onto the floor and mopped up immediately, which is generally enough to remove surface dirt. However, ground-in dirt may require a little more elbow grease. If you have textured tile, you may need to use a soft-bristle brush or scrubber sponge. Avoid highly abrasive tools such as steel wool or scrubbing powders, which can permanently scratch the surface of your tile. Once your tile floor is free of dirt, rinse away any residue with clean, warm water.

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