Why having O.C.D is an ASSET in our Company

For years I thought I was just weird (I still think i am ūüôā ) for always wanting the area that I occupied to be very neat, tidy and clean – Or it could of been the many years my mother spent yelling at me to clean my room and tidy up after myself – or make sure that I clean the bathroom before I exit. Which ever it was, it turned me into a dictator when it comes to cleaning and how a room should be kept.Why having O.C.D is an ASSET in our Company 2

However, this feature of my character only really appeared many years into my late 20’s. Now that I’m an old man, and probably a grumpy one at that, I cannot stand to be in a room that is untidy – unless it is MY organised chaos of order for items that have not yet found a place to call home. For anyone else, it’s untidy and needs attention ASAP! – this is the dictator feature in my personality coming out. This is especially true for the children, no wait adults, um no wait – young people – yeah this rule is especially true for this group, the young people in my home. I’m sure many parents reading this can relate to what I speak of.

But how does this relate to being an asset to a company – especially one like the Redgum Cleaning Company?

We like to employ people with O.C.D

Great question. Having a condition like O.C.D can be a negative thing for most people in a lot of ways, and plays havoc in the corporate world as a non-productive trait. However being a cleaner, this can be a positive thing to have.

As the Owner and Director of the Redgum Cleaning Company, my aim is to only employ where possible staff who do possess this personality aspect. People who have this “condition” are more productive as the job is usually finished on the first go.

How many times have you had to call your cleaning contractors to get them back to the property to finish area’s that you have picked up on? How many times is acceptable before you decide to give another Company a go?

This is the number one reason why I personally look for people who have a “cleaning O.C.D” trait – this is also the reason why we can with confidence offer all our clients a 100% Quality Guarantee, if for any reason one of our clients are not happy with the level of service we have provided – the client will receive a 100% refund on our fee’s, and we will correct the issue that has been highlighted by our client.

Redgum – a fast paced working environment

Admittedly, working at the Redgum Cleaning Company is not for the faint-hearted or for those who need to be supervised and given personal guidance. We work fast and with our minds on being efficient by following the company cleaning systems that are in place, these systems are given to all employees upon commencement of their employment with us. We expect all our employees to work as a Team and assist each other to achieve the very best results for our clients & company.

As a person who has had to live with O.C.D on a daily basis, I can say that once you learn how to deal with the major issues – the smaller ones usually just fall into place. For myself, my condition is not that debilitating. However there are some in our community who do have to deal with the extreme versions of this condition, and for some of these people the most simplest task can be mountains in-themselves.

The Redgum Cleaning Company has an extremely well thought-out and executed training program that takes all new employee’s and zones in on their particular “tick”. Hopefully, Management has done their job well and we have a person who is particularly O.C.Dish in the area of cleaning. Obviously it doesn’t help our business or our clients if the person has an O.C.D feature that is highlighted by them always needing to touch street lamps for example. Our employment processes should sort out who has what quality, and then it’s up to our Training staff to guide them through to the next stage.

So as you can see, we work with and support this condition to get the most out of our employees by providing them with an environment & the tools that will allow their condition to “shine” – mind the pun. This is why we consider O.C.D to be an asset to our little humble company and why we enjoy working with those who have this condition.

The Redgum Cleaning Company needs more people with the qualities highlighted in this blog post – so if you are reading this post and think, “hey, this is me all over” then get in contact with us via our “contact” page and tell us a bit about yourself and why you think your “talents” will be an asset to the Redgum Cleaning Company.

However, if you’re a business owner or even just a Mum or Dad at home needing extra time and are searching for new cleaning contractors, then give us a go and get in contact with Mike. He can come out to your property and give you a quote on the spot!


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