Xmas Party Special!

Don’t blink, the year 2018 is almost over

I know we’ve said it many times throughout the year of 2018 but OMG! can you believe it’s almost over, how quick did this go for you? Probably as quick as, like everyone else huh.

Xmas Party Special! 2In saying that, there are many Office’s around the Central Coast & Hunter regions that will start holding the yearly – let down your hair parties and we all know how they go right. Unfortunately we are still working through the festive season so no parties will be going on in the Office of Redgum that’s for sure. We aim to be busy looking after our many Clients whom will be doing all the partying for us while we organise and clean up the aftermath.

So to help our existing Clients and also any new Clients who come onboard with us over this festive season, we are holding a “Festive Season Events Special”, where we will visit your place of work or chosen venue to provide you with a clean-up service. Because how many of us really like to have to clean while intoxicated or worst, the next day with a hang-over – certainly not us that’s for sure and we reckon most of you would feel the same way.

Get Redgum to do ALL the hard WORK

So why not get Redgum in to take care of all the cleaning for you?

You would not only be saving yourself time, effort and your Organisation a bucket-load on paying your Staff to do the cleaning – and if you’re fortunate enough you might not have to pay your Staff to clean up but hey it’s Christmas, why not let them off the hook of this festive season – we are sure they would appreciate not having to clean with a major banging head, and feeling seedy right, and we would be appreciative of the extra work – so it’s a win / win for everyone!

Redgum Festive Season Events Special

Book in your End of Year Office party clean-up in the Month of December and only pay our per hour rate of $55.50

This offer will end on the 31st of December 2018, so please don’t wait, take advantage of this offer, and put Mike & the Redgum Cleaning Company to the test.

Booking Form

    PLEASE NOTE: No Payment is neccessary to make a booking, however once you have made a booking please be aware to cancel this booking there is a fee of $25.00 applicable. We only have limited spots available so this fee is to cover losses we incur by dropping a booked spot. If you are not sure on your booking we do have a waiting list that you may put your Organisations name to and if we still have spots available when you’re ready to make a booking we will apply the available spot to your Organisation.